Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Video Spotlight
120 Days
By The Editors

If you’re like us, you live for fishing. Damn near every waking second you are either thinking about the fish you just landed or lost or the next trip where you can even the score. How to balance work and fish? How to balance family and fish? How to fish more? More fresh. More salt. More of everything, man.

You can get that way about trout. You can decide that bonefish should be your life. And the masochists can say permit are the only fish worth their time. But tarpon? It is difficult for anyone to jump a tarpon and not say, “I want to fish these for the rest of my life.” These fish are beasts. They are difficult to tempt to the fly. They are difficult to solidly hook. They are at times impossible to land. They may be, in fact, the perfect fish.

It’s difficult to articulate how cool it is to chase these fish. It’s equally difficult to capture that essence in imagery. That’s why we’re so impressed with Yeti and Felt Soul Media’s collaboration called 120 Days. It features the mindset of noted tarpon guide Dave Mangum, who can’t get tarpon off the brain. Take our advice here and watch the vid—just don’t blame us when you pick up the phone, right after the video ends, and say, “GFFI, send me somewhere to catch one of those fish.”
We can do that. So don’t be shy. — The Editors