Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A Passion for Permit
This two-volume “bible” is a must-have for any serious saltwater angler.
By FFI Magazine

The first thing to behold when clutching this two-volume set called A Passion For Permit, is the sheer breadth of work: combined, these two oversized and hard-bound books, which weigh about five-thousand pounds each, total 1,665 pages.

In reality, their combined weight is nine pounds. Substantial, for sure, which means you will have to sit down at a desk or in an armchair to take it all in. And you’ll want to do just that if you are serious about fly fishing for permit, whether you’re a first-timer looking for a miracle fish or a globetrotting angler taking your shots wherever this fish is found.

As you probably know, pain and suffering are part of the permit equation, but these books may take some of the mystery out of what you are doing. With chapters covering permit anatomy, permit habitat, permit food, best tides and moons for catching permit, essential equipment for permit, choosing the right fly for permit and how to present it to permit, you can head out on your first permit quest with all the intel you need for success—but it still comes down to you putting the fly right where it needs to be.

Written by Jonathan Olch and published by Wild River Press, A Passion for Permit is one of those must-have title, such as Combs’ Steelhead Fly Fishing and AJ McClane’s Game Fish of North America. While the writing won’t knock your socks off in A Passion For Permit, it’s very serviceable and you get what you came for everything you need to know to go after these fish and have a reasona-ble chance at success.

While Olch’s technical how-to/where-to chapters are immensely valuable, what we found most inter-esting are Q&A chapters with some of the best known permit anglers on the planet, including Keys guides Nathaniel Linville and Steve Huff; Belize legend Lincoln Westby; marine biologist Aaron Adams; Cuban guide Mauro Ginervri; and Australian guru Peter Morse. These are fascinating interviews and likely to be read multiple times, each reading probably providing another little overlooked dose of wisdom.

Some of us are still looking for our first permit while you freaks, whom we speak of admiringly, may have already tallied dozens of those sickle-tailed beauties. In either case A Passion for Permit should serve you well no matter where on the globe you choose to chase this most addictive sport-fish. Our suggestion: pull out that wallet and pony-up. A Passion For Permit (two-volume set) $150
—the editors