Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Video Spotlight
Labrador Brook Trout
By The Editors

Yea, it’s a bummer—Canada, as of this moment, isn’t open yet. And, in fact, it’s like a $900 fine to leave your house to do anything fun. Can you say, Getting tired of this?

Let’s just hope that the True North opens soon and all of us get a shot at some of the best fishing the planet has to offer. Whether you target pike, steelhead, sheefish, brook trout, walleye, lake trout, grayling, or even browns and rainbows, you know as well as we do, Canada is the place to be. Which is to say, we feel your pain.

So here’s a little one-hour reprieve to help you get through the boredom. As you check out this film we dare you to say, “That doesn’t look like fun.”

How couldn’t it be? Atlantic salmon on the fly. Brook trout to . . . how many pounds did they say? Eating topwater flies. In droves. Sit back, enjoy the visual feast and when you want to fish in Labrador or other Canada locations for large brook trout, give us a call and we’ll hook you up. —the Editors