Sunday, August 1, 2021

Editor's Note

I think we’re all at the end of our wits. Vaccine promised. Kind of delivered. But hell, most of us still don’t even know when we can get that stick in the arm. No true guarantee of completely safe travel in sight. Not that there ever was such a thing.

But you know what we’re getting at—there’s a lot of water to fish, a limited time to do so, and nobody is getting any younger. So what to do. Bitch and moan? Or fish?

We choose fish. But we do so knowing that people have families to care for. It’s true, most of us would easily recover from a bout with the ‘vid, but there’s no guarantee that any of us wouldn’t. With that in mind, we’ve focussed on domestic travel and those waters we can reach by highway, or by taking relatively short flights, thereby limiting our exposure to the crud.

As you scroll through this issue you’ll find some incentive to follow our leads. From pike and musky, to trout and steelhead, these articles should get you fired up and searching for a way, any way, to hit the water this late winter, spring and summer. We may not be globetrotting like we used to be, but who could complain if hooked up to 50-inch muskie, a 20-pound metalhead, or a 10-pound char? Or how about spending most of your spring “bobbing around” a British Columbia stillwater, employing Brian Chan’s super-effective chironomid methods on rainbows ranging between four and 10 pounds. Or maybe you live on the coast and tarpon are your jam. If so, let us know and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

In the end, don’t despair. Things are happening and the end of winter is clearly in view. The tarpon don’t have Covid, and neither do the trout, whether they’re swimming in Alaska or the northern Rockies or anywhere else. They’ll still eat and the first big hatches of the year are here.

Greg Thomas, Editor