Sunday, August 1, 2021

A Post Pandemic View
By Greg Thomas

If you’re single, healthy, and safe, and have been willing to roll the dice, maybe you’ve taken advantage of affordable airline tickets and those places around the world still accepting foreign travelers.

If, like most of us, there are underlying concerns and/or you’re caring for people in high-risk categories, well, you didn’t really have an option to leave. Many of us dealt with those issues by staying close to home, fishing waters we often overlooked, or by traveling to domestic locales by land or air. With a Covid-19 vaccine possibly being made available to the masses, the question is, what changes? And when?

Depending on which news outlet you follow, and if you trust that source, a vaccine could be available this month, or it might not make it into people’s hands until spring. Because these vaccines are being fast-tracked for delivery, some people may even question their effectiveness and how they may interact with other prescription meds. Basically, we are in the same boat right now as we were in March, but the outlook of traveling to foreign fly-fishing lands does look a little brighter. And, by the time spring and summer roll around, we could be looking at an entirely different scenario.

How will it feel when Covid-19 ends, and you have tickets and an itinerary to fly into a great camp again? Will you treasure the experience even more? Let’s just hope we can make dreams come true in 2021 and beyond.

We can’t guarantee safe travel right now. One misstep, a dropping of the guard for a few seconds, could lead to a worst case scenario. We can only urge all of our friends and clients to be patient and prudent—your good health and the safety of your families are our main goals.

That said, we are optimistic about the prospect of 2021 being way better than 2020. We know this: People are tired of being cooped up and as travel restrictions lift, they will be out the door. That includes fly fishers who have patiently ground their teeth while reloading their fly boxes for tarpon, bonefish, permit, and many other species. If you fit into that category we have a suggestion: Book your 2021 and 2022 trips now.

Here’s why: Those who wait any longer may miss out on prime dates at the world’s greatest lodges, with the possibility of being completely shut out. I.e., there may not be any space remaining in 2021 and beyond. We do expect demand to quickly outstrip availability.

With multiple vaccines being distributed, you may be standing safely on the bow of a flats skiff sometime soon. In front may be endless flats, with naive fish that haven’t seen flies in nearly a year.

Whether it’s steelhead in Alaska, redfish in Louisiana, bones and permit in the Bahamas or Belize, or maybe even rainbow and bull trout on some of the most beautiful and productive lakes in British Columbia, we’ve got you covered. Lifetime memories ready to be made. So take a look at the calendar, dream big, see if there’s a window that works for you, and let us know what questions you have.

Between now and when we hear from you, take care and consider Nanette Avery’s savvy quote: “Reading, the safest adventure you can book.”