Tuesday, July 27, 2021

South Coast Simple Baitfish
By Bo


Tiempco SP600 4/0
100 denier white GSP
White schlappen feathers
White bucktail

Lt. Cream AZ crystal minnow hair
Green Chartreuse AZ crystal Minnow hair
Brush on zapagap


Capture thread on the shank opposite the hook point. Secure 5 or 6 inches of 50 pound monofilament near its midpoint where you captured your thread. Bring monofilament behind the bend of the hook and back to the shank, creating your small loop/foul guard. Capture/secure. Take both tags of the monofilament that are facing toward the eye, and bend them down and backwards so that the tags are laying on the shank closer to the hook point. Capture/secure well, and add a small application of zapagap.


Select a schlappen feather, preferably long and relatively straight. De-feather a section of the schlappen so that it can be neatly secured onto the shank. Lay your schlappen down making sure it has the desired profile, and capture/secure. Repeat this step 3 – 5 times until you have the desired shape for the “tail” of the fly.


Cut a clump of deer hair with roughly the diameter of a pencil. Clean out any excessively short or long pieces so that the clump is nicely tapered. With the butts facing the eye, loosely capture the clump of deer hair with 2 to 3 wraps. Then, with your 3rd/4th wrap, pull tight and allow the deer hair to spin on the shank. Add a very small dab of zapagap, and trim the butts of the deer hair once the clump is secured. This step is what will give your fly volume and the signature bait fish shape. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times to achieve the desired shape of your fly, moving forward along the shank as you go.


Take a medium clump of Lt. Cream crystal minnow hair from the package, align the fibers so they are all going in one direction, and capture the midpoint of the dubbing on to the hook shank. Similar to the deer hair, allow the fibers to spin around the entirety of the shank. Brush the end of the fiber facing the eye toward the bed of the hook and wrap forward. Repeat this step with a clump of green chartreuse crystal minnow hair.


Finally, build a thread head near the eye of the hook, whip finish, and zapagap. 

A few notes from my experiences fishing this fly. This is one of my go-to Jack Crevalle flies. Any time I attempt to keep eyes on the fly, the fish do a fantastic job of removing them first try. So, I usually fish this fly without eyes. It is just as effective, has the same movement, and it keeps the fly fishable for a few more fish. There’s never a good time to be changing flies when schools of Jacks are on bait.