Saturday, October 23, 2021

Dron's Ghost Shrimp
By Dron Lee
No matter where you pursue them—whether that’s in the Bahamas, Belize, the Seychelles or Christmas Island, among other locales—there’s a simple truth to bonefish: they love shrimp. It always pays to pack a variety of shrimp imitations to the flats, tied in a variety of sizes and weights, so you can fool the silver ghost in all types of encounters. One of our favorite patterns is Dron’s Ghost Shrimp. Tie some of these this fall and you’ll be ready to throw when you hit the flats again, hopefully this winter or spring.


HOOK: Ahrex SA280 Minnow #6

SHANK: 140lbs Hardwire

WEIGHT: 3.2mm white lead dumbbell

EYE: FTN black Shrimp eye

BODY: White Mink fur, Deer Creek White Mega Lazer Dub, Polar Baitfish Fiber, Faux bucktail and Surgical Tape

HOT SPOT: Deer Creek Orange Mega Lazer Dub and UV ICE dubbing

LEGS: White Sililegs

PINCERS: FTN Translucent Crab / Shrimp Pincer

ANTENNA: Pearl bared Nymph sililegs

COLORING: Orange marker


Step 1: Bend your own shank with the 140lb hardwire, about 2cm.

Step 2: Tie in the dumbbell.

Step 3: You may strengthen the tie with some glue.


Step 4: Put on the hook and make sure you prepare a good thread base.

Step 5: Tie in a pair of Pearl bared Nymph sililegs.

Step 6: Tie some Orange Mega Lazer Dub and UV ICE dubbing.

Step 7: Fold the materials over and tie down.

Step 8: Turn the hook over, tie in some Faux Bucktail.

Step 9: Top up with some Mink Fur.

Step 10: Tie in a pair of Shrimp eye on top.

Step 11: Tie in the translucent silicone pincers.

Step 12: Wind in some orange Mega Lazer Dub.

Step 13: Now top up with some Faux Bucktail again.

Step 14: Tie in the knotted sililegs.

Step 15: Wind in the dubbing to fixed the legs.

Step 16: Top up some Mink fur.

Step 17: Repeat steps 14-16, and tie in pair of legs. Add some UV ICE dubbing.

Step 18: Continue with similar step with the 3rd pair of legs, and tie some Faux bucktail on top once done.

Step 19: Color the thread with orange marker, then prepare some dubbing with white Mega Lazer Dub.

Step 20: Wind in a thin layer of dubbing.

Step 21: Whip finished.

Step 22: Brush out some fibers.

Step 23: This head section is complete and ready to attached to the shank section.


Step 24: Attached the head to the shank section.

Step 25: Tie down the shank.

Step 26: Wind in some 3M surgical tape, to create the pare profile of the body.

Step 27: Tie down the tape body.

Step 28: Turn the shank over, tie in some faux bucktail.

Step 29: Now turn over, you will fine the fibers will be able to slightly support the head section.

Step 30: Tie in some baitfish fibers.

Step 31: Highlight with orange marker pen on the tape body.

Step 32: Prepare thin layer of dubbing with mega lazer dub.

Step 33: Wind in the dubbing.

Step 34: Brush out some fibers.

Step 35: Tie in some baitfish fiber.

Step 36: Dubbing to the tail near the eye of the shank.

Step 37: Apply some marker on your finger and rub it on the dubbing.

Step 38: The pattern is ready.

This is how the Ghost Shrimp will look when it’s wet.
Cheers and Happy Tying!

Photography by

Dron Lee