Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Rok Lustrik

Rok has been guiding the gin-clear, freestone rivers of Slovenia for over 20 years. The water he fishes contains a diverse range of species including graying, huchen, and brook, brown, rainbow and marble trout. Check out his website: https://www.lustrik.com/en/


Articles by Rok Lustrik:

Hucho Hucho

Posted on: 21 Oct 2020

Quick Facts SPECIES NAME Huchen, (Hucho hucho), also known as hucho, Danube salmon, sulec glavatka, mladica SIZE Average: 30-to 35 inches Trophy: 40-plus inches IGFA All Tackle Record: 76 pounds 11 ounces, Austria   FAVOURITE DESTINATIONS Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia DIFFICULTY RATING 9/10 KNOWN FOR - Aggressive strikes - Difficult to [...]