Thursday, September 16, 2021


Matt Harris

Matt Harris is a globetrotting photographer who catches fish wherever he goes. Check out more of his work on IG @mattharrisflyfishing


Articles by Matt Harris:


Posted on: 03 Jun 2021

I’ve been shooting images for fly-fishing magazines, outfitters and tackle manufacturers for 20 years, and although it hasn’t made me a millionaire, it’s sent me on some unforgettable adventures in some of the most magical places on earth. The rough and tumble of non-stop travel, jumping in and out of [...]



Life. Death. And Permit.

Posted on: 23 May 2021

It had been a long tough week on the flats. Back-to-back cold fronts replete with a savage easterly wind had churned the crystal waters of Cayo Cruz into a milky soup. Overhead, the towering thunderheads had crowded out the sun, further conspiring to make sight-fishing all but impossible. All week [...]



Pacchiarini’s Wiggletail

Posted on: 30 Mar 2021

Flyfishing for pike in cold water during spring takes real discipline. It can be a slow business. Pike, like many apex predators, can go “off the chew” for long hours. When they are off, they really are off. Then, suddenly, nature flicks a switch, the barometer rises or the river [...]