Matt Harris

Matt Harris is a globetrotting photographer who catches fish wherever he goes. Check out more of his work on IG @mattharrisflyfishing


Articles by Matt Harris:

Hero or Zero

Posted on: 07 Feb 2022

My gallant and typically sure-footed horse, “Estrella,” made an uncharacteristic stumble as we descended a steep, slippery slope, and for a moment I was totally absorbed with staying in the saddle. Then, to my relief, we were over a rain-slick boulder and once again treading confidently downhill. Suddenly, the veil [...]



The Tapam Tarpon Experience

Posted on: 15 Dec 2021

The Miskito Coast stretches from the Costa Rican border all the way up Nicaragua’s Atlantic seaboard. The region is named not for the insects, as is often assumed, but, instead, for the Miskito Amerindians that are indigenous to this remote part of the Central American isthmus. The vast region is [...]




Posted on: 15 Jun 2021

I’ve been shooting images for fly-fishing magazines, outfitters and tackle manufacturers for 20 years, and although it hasn’t made me a millionaire, it’s sent me on some unforgettable adventures in some of the most magical places on earth. The rough and tumble of non-stop travel, jumping in and out of [...]



Pacchiarini’s Wiggletail

Posted on: 15 Apr 2021

Flyfishing for pike in cold water during spring takes real discipline. It can be a slow business. Pike, like many apex predators, can go “off the chew” for long hours. When they are off, they really are off. Then, suddenly, nature flicks a switch, the barometer rises or the river [...]



Life. Death. And Permit.

Posted on: 15 Apr 2021

It had been a long tough week on the flats. Back-to-back cold fronts replete with a savage easterly wind had churned the crystal waters of Cayo Cruz into a milky soup. Overhead, the towering thunderheads had crowded out the sun, further conspiring to make sight-fishing all but impossible. All week [...]