Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Jim Dean

Jim Dean was an outdoor freelance writer for various notable publications during a career that stretched for more than six decades, beginning as a sports/outdoor writer for the Burlington Times in North Carolina in the mid-1960s. His passion for hunting and especially fishing was passed down from his beloved grandfather. Together, they fished various mill ponds and rivers in eastern NC in the ‘50s and ‘60s. While serving as an Army courier at Fort Holabird, Maryland, Jim became a member of the prestigious Baltimore Angler’s Club. It was there he met Joe Brooks, Lefty Kreh and Boyd Pfeiffer, among others, all of whom had a profound influence on his outdoors conservation writing. In 1970 he started writing for the North Carolina Wildlife Commission’s magazine, and was eventually promoted to its editor before retiring in 1997. Jim had many interests, but fly fishing was probably at the top of the list. He and Lefty often fished for smallmouth bass in Maryland rivers. But probably his greatest influence came from A.J. Johnson, a man Jim credits for inventing the tandem fly system. Over many years, A.J. taught Jim how to fish for those skittish trout in the clear running streams in western NC. In later years, Jim’s passion turned to the Caribbean’ salt flats where he stalked bonefish, permit and tarpon. Sadly, Jim passed away unexpectedly in November 2017 still able to do what he loved to the very end. To many, Jim was an accomplished writer, a good friend and great fishing buddy. To me, his son, his true legacy is he was the best father a son could ever hope for, hands down! —Scott Dean


Articles by Jim Dean:

Novice On The Flats

Posted on: 08 Feb 2021

You’re in a Caribbean state of mind, on salt flats surrounded by water every shade of emerald, turquoise and amber. It’s blissfully warm, the beer is cold, the flats are full of fish and adrenalin is squirting out of your ears.         What could possibly go wrong? [...]