Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Dave McKenna

Dave McKenna is the co-owner of Guide Flies, which supplies a variety of fly patterns tied by the residents of Guanaja, Honduras. Guide Flies is based in New Jersey.


Articles by Dave McKenna:

Trout Spey

Posted on: 21 Oct 2020

This modern and extremely effective casting and fishing method should not intimidate. Skagit lines were originally designed to deliver heavy payloads very long distances often with little or no room for a backcast. So, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, dedicated angler Ed Ward and his metalhead cronies customized [...]



5 Great Nymph Rigs for Fall Fishing

Posted on: 21 Oct 2020

I live for this time of year. Fall weather ends the summer doldrums with a quick drop in temperature and a sharp increase in trout activity as those rainbows, browns and cutthroats bulk up for winter. At my fly-tying bench, I look forward to building some unconventional color combinations that [...]